Welcome to Urging Truth Ministries webpage. Urging Truth was birthed out of the passion to be able to provide Camps and Student Pastors with biblical sound, trustworthy speakers and worship leaders. Being in the front-line of student ministry, it is hard to find speakers and worship bands that you can trust to stand in front of your students and teach the truths of God’s Word in a manner that makes an impact for the Kingdom of God.

Urging Truth comes from the Greek word, “parakaleo,” which means “by the side” (para), and “to call” (kaleo). It means to call to one’s side, to urge, hence aid. It is used for every kind of calling to a person which is meant to produce a particular effect; comfort, exhort, desire, call for. The truth of the matter is that the Holy Bible (Scripture) is actually a “parakiesis,” an exhortation or admonition or encouragement for the purpose of strengthening and establishing the believer’s possession of redemption. And that is what Urging Truth is all about: being able to handle the Word of God correctly in a manner that urges people to come to believe in Jesus the Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The only way to handle God’s Word is not by watering it down, nor sugar coating the message, but truthfully.

So if you are looking for Biblical sound speakers and Worship leaders that you would trust to stand before your students or congregation, then prayerfully consider Urging Truth Ministries and contact us with any questions.

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